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MiCentre Department Store

MiCentre Department Stores is a unique platform that offers an alternative to traditional retail models. The platform provides an opportunity for micro-small businesses to access a physical retail space and showcase their products and services to customers without the need for a lease or staffing costs. Instead of being tied down to long-term lease agreements, businesses simply pay a monthly subscription fee which MiCentre uses to cover all costs associated with leasing, staffing, and marketing, allowing vendors to focus on growing their business and increasing sales. This innovative approach offers small businesses the opportunity to have a prime retail location, without the financial burden of leasing costs, as well as the ability to access effective marketing and advertising tools to increase their brand exposure.

Harnessing economies of scale, we offer merchants the opportunity to thrive together.

Economies of scale: Cost sharing provides economies of scale, allowing businesses to benefit from shared resources such as space, facilities, and marketing efforts.

Lower financial burden: Cost sharing does not place a huge financial burden on vendors. They can focus their capital and revenue on product development and restocking rather than paying large amounts of money on traditional business model requirements.

Platform Benefits

The new HiBrid Department store hosting SMEs looking to expand retail footprint.