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The Lifestyle Rewards

Discover a reward program that captures customers’ attention, driving them to seek out your business. With a vast range of enticing rewards covering various spending categories, we generate desirability, foster stronger customer loyalty, and create a program that surpasses traditional loyalty initiatives. Gain access to expansive user databases through organisations that can customise the platform for their users. Leveraging the OnlineMall Marketplaces, department and clearance outlets, and MiConstruct Centres, the Lifestyle Rewards program becomes irresistible to shoppers.

The RetailSmart Lifestyle Rewards program is a merchant funded reward platform that offers shoppers cash back for every dollar they spend with participating merchants. It provides an opportunity for customers to earn rewards while shopping at various locations.

“Join us as a merchant and unlock the power to attract new customers, and boost sales, whilst enhancing their lifestyles.”

The Lifestyle Rewards Program strives to enhance members’ spending power by offering redeemable, tangible lifestyle benefits. Members earn real dollar value points on their purchases, accumulating points that can be redeemed for a variety of valuable lifestyle perks and rewards. Our program aims to provide meaningful benefits that directly impact members’ lives and enhance their overall experiences.

Platform Benefits

The loyalty program that is Unleashing Customer Demand