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Discount Outlets - Clearance Centre's

The Clearance Centre Outlets – A platform that will be used by micro-small businesses to clear their end-of-season, slow-moving, and end-of-line inventory, similar to direct discount outlets. The Clearance Centre Outlets platform will provide a range of features such as inventory management tools, secure payment gateways, logistics support, and customer support services.

Creates a sense of community among micro-small businesses: By offering a platform for micro-small businesses to sell their excess inventory, the Clearance Centre Outlets platform can help to create a sense of community among these businesses. This can lead to increased collaboration and support between businesses on the platform.

Access to New Customers: The Clearance Centre’s online marketplace and physical outlets provides merchants with access to new customers looking for discounted items.

Help businesses that have been forced to close down: In some cases, micro-small businesses may be forced to close down due to financial difficulties or other factors. The Clearance Centre Outlets platform can provide a lifeline for these businesses, allowing them to sell off their remaining inventory and recoup some of their losses.

Service Benefits

Provides a sustainable solution for excess inventory