R e t a i l S m a r t


OnlineMall Business - Empowering businesses with a robust platform for successful online retail operations. Seamlessly manage inventory, engage customers, and boost sales with our user-friendly Done-4-You eCommerce solution.

HyBrid Department

MiCentre Department Stores - Combining the best of physical and digital shopping experiences for customers and merchants. Enjoy the convenience of online while also providing a physical store presence for an immersive retail experience.

Discount Outlets

Clearance Centre - offers a convenient one-stop solution for businesses to clear excess inventory, end-of-season items, and slow-moving products. Simplify the process by accessing a physical outlet that efficiently helps you manage surplus stock.

Construction Centre

MiConstruct Home & Display Centre - Offering a dedicated hub for construction-related needs, showcasing products and services. Builders, contractors, and homeowners can explore an extensive range of construction materials, fixtures, and design inspirations.

Lifestyle Rewards

Leverage the power of a true Rewards program. Engage and retain customers by offering CASH value rewards, personalised offers, and a rewarding shopping experience. Enhance customer loyalty and foster repeat business with this impactful solution.

IT Solutions

SmartSite4u - Providing reliable IT services, including hosting, web development, and social media management, to boost online presence and engagement. Leverage our expertise to optimize your digital footprint, attract customers, and drive online success.